Our Mission

The mission of Summer Camp Scholarships: to send every eligible fourth and fifth grader in Washtenaw County, Michigan to camp.

Every child should have the chance to share in cabin cleaning contests, eat charred s’mores at dusk by a campfire, swim in a lake or ride a zip line for the first time!

Camp defends against summer learning loss.

For children in families with few resources, summer can be a season of boredom, inactivity and isolation. Studies show that low-income children experience greater summer learning loss and fall farther behind in school every year.  Camp impedes summer learning loss by encouraging and stimulating children to try different activities, take positive risks, make good choices, and become friends with people from different backgrounds and places.

Camp promotes a healthy sense of self.

At camp, children spend time with others in settings and activities designed to foster positive youth development, character, self confidence, personal resiliency, and relationship skills. And research shows that young people rank camp counselors as some of the most influential people in their lives. Simply put, camp challenges children to discover and be more of their best self.

Camp fulfills basic needs.

Each child is sheltered, has all the food he or she can eat — a luxury sometimes not available at home — and receives help paying for clothes.